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Brand Strategy, CORE MESSAGING & Consumer Insights

Mic was born out of the recognition that the old models of journalism had become less engaging and relevant. While maintaining the rigor and commitment to original reporting and championing essential fact-finding, Mic has sought to give a voice to critical news stories from modern and diverse perspectives.  BIG was selected to help the brand hone in on the elements of the brand that truly resonate with key audiences.  Through in-depth interviews, immersive consumer groups and validating quantitative research, BIG unearthed core messaging strategies, brand foundational elements and organizational tactics to help the brand communicate more clearly with its audience and attract even more users. In addition, BIG developed a custom mindset model which provided a new way to define target audiences, potential users and those currently in Mic’s tribe. BIG also created a more coherent brand narrative, and supported the leadership team in bringing the brand culture to life through brand workshops that allowed key staff to identify priorities in training, hiring and investment aligned to the brand architecture.


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