Like many great stories, ours started with a successful leader who said, “there’s got to be a better way.” Brand Intersection Group (BIG) was born of the idea that brand strategy isn’t an agency cost of doing business, but rather a deeply personal and vital process that aligns leadership with organizational purpose. Our work at its best is soulful and essential. BIG is about close and enduring client relationships, and building organizational capacity. BIG is about honest counsel, finding the right tool for the right job, and the knowledge that we only grow by earning referrals based on impact and the results we create. We are deeply invested in the craft of brand building.

BIG is a brand strategy and marketing innovation consultancy that fuses leadership experience in the fields of advertising, sales promotion, social marketing, experiential marketing, public relations, and interactive & direct marketing. We provide an array of brand consulting services including:



The truth about your brand, whatever it may be, is what sets you apart. Your source of authenticity can be a product differentiator, a service commitment, or simply an existing emotional connection people make with your brand that can be built upon. Regardless, this truth is what makes your customers connect with you, and is what will draw new prospects to you.

Above all things, in the battle for increased engagement, your brand truth is the single most important weapon you will ever have. But to capitalize on the truth of your brand, it has to be made relevant to as many of the right people as possible. It must affirm not just what consumers want, but what consumers want to believe about themselves. It must reinforce your consumers’ aspirations. And this is where the intersection of what is true and authentic about your brand and what is meaningful about your brand come together.