The great sculptor Alexander Calder changed the experience of art by adding movement in balance to create freedom within a coherent framework. His work is endlessly engaging.

At Brand Intersection Group (otherwise known as "BIG"), we have the same outlook on branding and marketing. It shouldn’t be static. Like Calder’s work, a brand needs movement, contrast, depth, balance, and diversity for success.

BIG works in three primary areas to construct a winning approach to brand building:

Authentic Expression

Every brand has an authentic narrative that captures the essential character and purpose of the organization. When captured and well articulated, this narrative resonates deeply, driving performance and focusing efforts. BIG works with leaders to build brand purpose, brand architecture, and the themes and narratives that drive organizational momentum.

Meaningful Connection

Authentic narratives are not meaningful unless they can be heard by the constituents most critical to their success. We thrive when our story is understood and appreciated by loyal customers and partners. BIG works with clients to develop comprehensive behavioral insights on critical audiences that lead to actionable segmentation strategies. BIG insights drive market advantage.

Sustained Relevancy

The market is never static. Constant fluctuations in attitudes, competition, and technology require learning agility and a commitment to innovation. BIG leverages our consumer insights and trend analyses to keep our clients’ innovation pipelines full of relevant recommendations that protect momentum and brand trajectory.