Brand Strategy, Mindset Modeling, BRAND ARCHITECTURE, Leadership Coaching

The Black Tux was born out of a desire to transform a category that has a history of being stagnant and uninspired into a customized, resource for men’s formalwear that offers a modern and mobile experience, elevated product offerings and of course, exceptional customer service. BIG was selected to help identify the key elements of the brand that drove initial use and repeat business.  BIG took an immersive dive into the lives and minds of brand lovers through qualitative discussions and first-hand secret shopping and stakeholder discussions to better understand the need states and behavioral keys to driving customer passion and loyalty.  BIG developed a custom mindset model, strategy and revised category definition that provided a clear brand identity, voice and a platform for sustained growth. BIG has also consulted on the Black Tux Culture Book and internal training on Emotional Intelligence and Effective Relationships.


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