Quick note to express our most sincere gratitude for all of the thoughtful work that went into today’s mega-presentation. Our side devoured it like a pack of ravenous wolves, and they can’t wait for more. Seriously, pretty much everyone in the room popped by or sent notes to say how grateful they were, how helpful they feel this work will be to our brand and our business, and how much they love the two of you. I’m guilty myself. Let’s definitely keep up the momentum!!

Spencer Rice, VP Marketing

revolution foods.png
Charlie and his team have done an exceptional job helping us identify the key elements of our brand that can work for current and future product lines and channels. They were able to quickly identify the underlying tensions in the organization around our brand and bring an objective outside-in perspective/recommendation that I believe captures who we are as a company, addresses the internal tensions, and speaks to our current and prospective customers on a more universal and aspirational level.

Anytime you bring in an outside consultant you are taking a risk on whether they will deliver the value that is proposed at the outset. In this case, I believe our money was well spent and I believe they are helping us set a foundation for our brand that will last for years to come.

Patrick Donovan, VP Business Development
// Revolution Foods

I was thinking about you all this morning and wanted to thank you for your contribution to our brand. Working with such bright, talented people like you makes my job just plain fun and I truly am grateful for your efforts.

Jamie Gorski, CMO
// Bozzuto

Charlie Jones played an integral role in crafting the GoGo squeeZ brand for the U.S. market and also selflessly coached our young team as we scaled the business and grew the organization. He is a brilliant class act, and now uses his natural coaching instincts alongside one-of-a-kind Brand and business strategy to offer an exclusive experience for his clients at Brand Intersection Group.

Lauren Doyle, Former Director of Brand Activation
// Materne North America